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Home Window Tinting

Enjoy a cooler temperature in your home with service from TintLion Window Tinting, located in Atlanta Georgia. We specialize in home window tinting for customers throughout Entire Metro Area.


Temperature Control

A commercial window film is applied to your home's windows to help maintain cool temperatures in the summer and warm temperatures in the winter. The tinted film helps keep your home insulated as well.

Reduce Glare & Strengthen Windows

Not only do tinted windows help control the temperature in your home, but they also feature a soft look and help reduce glare caused by the sun. They also strengthen the window and keep it secure.

Different Options for Film Thickness

The film comes in different thicknesses. A thick window film improves your home's security by keeping the window intact if broken by an intruder. Different films are recommended for different windowpanes. We'll recommend the right film for your home's windows.

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