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Window Tinting Resources

NFRC - The National Fenestration Rating Council is a non-profit organizations that administers independent, third party rating and labeling system for the energy performance of products designed to provide energy efficiency including window tinting films.

Alpharetta Mobile Tinting offers films that meet the high standards set by the NFRC and that provide the highest quality and reliability of all tinting film products in the US tinting film market.


Madico Window Tint Products - produces high quality window film products that are manufactured in the USA. Madico products, while affordably priced, are used on valued institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution and the Louvre. For more information you can also see the Madico Corporate Website.

3M Window Tint Products - including 3M Automotive Window Films are an affordable solution for any auto, truck or marine application. Comfort and style are top consideration, however the non-metallized products do not cause radio frequency reception problems yet still deliver exceptional UV sun protection. - A very comprehensive and extremely informative website about automobile window tinting. See samples of various tints, compare brands, and more


Window Film Information Center - A site sponsored by the International Window Film Association with plenty of helpful information on window tinting films. - A very helpful site with an online tint demo

Window Film Magazine - Mainly geared towards professionals, but with helpful information for consumers, too.


International Window Film Association - We are a member of this association, which provides standards for our industry. This site also has very helpful information for consumers.

Energy Star Program - We are an Energy Star Partner, committed to saving energy and passing along those utility savings to you!

More Information on How to Save Energy

Alliance to Save Energy - A very useful site with tips on how you can reduce the energy usage in your life and save money.

Efficient Windows Collaborative - A site dealing with how low-e and coated windows work and how the afforded benefits.

Energy Savers - The US Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's site guide for consumers.

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